Kentucky Budgeting System

Kentucky Budgeting System (KBUD) is the budgeting system currently used by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This page contains information and templates dealing with Preparation of the Executive Budget Recommendation and the Budget of the Commonwealth.

Link to KBUD Application
KBUD Application

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2020-2022 Budget Preparation

2020-22 Branch Budget Instructions​

2022 KBUD Budget Preparation Manual (State Agencies)​

2022 KBUD Postsecondary Budget Preparation Manual (Universities Only)​​

2022 KBUD Budget Objects

Things to do before the personnel runs arrive


History Change Form Guidance for Budget Requests​

Retirement Code Table​

KBUD Budget Preparation Refresher​

Questions from KBUD Refresher Training 7-31-19​

2020-2022 BudPrep Checklist

2020-2022 Budget Officer Briefing-Budget Instructions​

2020-2022 Off-Budget Fund Table​


Aids to Calculation not included in the Branch Budget Instructions Manual

KHRIS Debt Service 2020-2022

Personnel Board Assessment 2020-2022

Appendix E Authorized Personnel Positions

Governmental Services Center 2020-2022

Salary and Fringe Benefits 2020-2022

Fire and Tornado 2020-2022

Fleet Rates 2020-2022​

Workers Compensation 2020-2022​

COT Rate Sheet FINAL 2020-22​

Personnel - PFT Employee Count FY 18 and FY19 Avg high low​

State Facility Rates​

Facilties Security 2020-2022​

Budget Request Templates   

Exhibits 3A_3B Template for 2020-22 - REVISED (updated 091919)​






Growth Vacancy Template​

2022 Debt Service Template to OSBD​