Kentucky Budgeting System

Kentucky Budgeting System (KBUD) is the budgeting system currently used by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This page contains information and templates dealing with Preparation of the Executive Budget Recommendation and the Budget of the Commonwealth.

Link to KBUD Application
KBUD Application

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2018-2020 Budget Preparation

2018-2020 Branch Budget Request Manual

1820 KBUD Budget Preparation Manual (State Agencies)

1820 KBUD Postsecondary Budget Preparation Manual (Universities Only)

KBUD Budget Preparation - Refresher Training Presentation

1820 KBUD Budget Objects

Things to do before the personnel runs arrive

1820 Historical Change Request Form

Aids to Calculation not included in the Branch Budget Request Manual

Budget Request Templates   

1820 Retirement Contributions Exhibits 3A_3B

1820 Accounts Payable Exhibit2

1820 Baseline Budget Record A4

1820 Additional Budget Record B4

1820 Additional Budget Report B5

1820 Agency Publication Exhibit