Governor's Office for Policy and Management

Office Description


The Governor's Office for Policy and Management is responsible for the preparation of the Executive Budget as well as the implementation and oversight of the Budget of the Commonwealth as enacted by the General Assembly. The preparation of the budget includes assisting the state agencies with their budget requests, analyzing the requests, and making recommendations to the Governor. The Office conducts regular and ongoing financial and policy analysis to assist in the development of Executive policy and for use in directing and monitoring implementation of that policy. The Office also engages in continuous evaluation of statewide management practices and procedures in an effort to realize maximum efficiency.



Contact Information

Office of the State Budget Director
200 Mero Street 5th Floor
Frankfort, KY 40622​

Phone:(502) 564-7300



Kevin Cardwell Janice Tomes
Deputy State Budget Director Deputy State Budget Director
Appropriation Units Policy and Budget Analyst
Executive Branch:  
General Government  
Office of the Governor Carla Wright
Office of State Budget Director Carla Wright
Unified Prosecutorial System: Nancy Haggerty​
 Commonwealth's Attorneys Nancy Haggerty​
 County Attorneys Nancy Haggerty
AgricultureRiley Reed
Attorney General Nancy Haggerty
Auditor of Public Accounts Nancy H​aggerty
Board of ElectionsRiley Reed
Commission on Human RightsKelby Rose
Department for Local Government Stacy Roland
Department of Veterans' Affairs Melissa Highfield Smith
Executive Branch Ethics CommissionKelby Rose
Homeland SecurityNancy Haggerty
Judgments Carla Wright
Kentucky Employees Retirement SystemTeresa Sanders
Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Stacy Roland
Kentucky River AuthorityRiley Reed
KY Communications Network Authority Carla Wright
Local Government Economic Assistance Fund Stacy Roland
Local Government Economic Development Fund Stacy Roland
Area Development Fund Stacy Roland​
Military AffairsKelby Rose
Occupational Boards and CommissionsRiley Reed​
Personnel BoardNancy Haggerty​​
Registry of Election FinanceRiley Reed
School Facilities Construction Commission Carla Wright
Secretary of State Nancy Haggerty
Teachers' Retirement System Teresa Sanders
Treasury Nancy Haggerty
Appropriations Not Otherwise Classified Carla Wright
​Budget Reserve Trust FundCarla Wright​
Economic Development Cabinet​Kelby Rose

Department of Education  
Learning and Results Services Glenna Goins
Operations and Support Services Glenna Goins
Support Education Excellence in Kentucky (SEEK) Glenna Goins
Education and Labor Cabinet  
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Kara Smothermon
Workforce Development Kara Smothermon
Environmental Education Council Kara Smothermon
General Administration and Program Support Kara Smothermon
Kentucky Educational Television Kara Smothermon
Libraries and Archives Kara Smothermon
Commission on Proprietary Education Kara Smothermon
​​ Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission Kara Smothermon​
Workers' Claims Kara Smothermon​​​
Workers' Compensation Funding Commission
Kara Smothermon​​​​​
​Workers' Compensation Nominating Committee
Kara Smothermon​​​​​
Workplace Standards Kara Smothermon​​​​​​

Energy and Environment Cabinet
Environmental ProtectionBlair Lozier
Kentucky Nature Preserves CommissionBlair Lozier
Office of KY Natural ResourcesBlair Lozier
​Office of Administrative ServicesBlair Lozier
​Office of Energy PolicyBlair Lozier​​
Public Service CommissionBlair Lozier
SecretaryBlair Lozier

Finance and Administration Cabinet  
Commonwealth Office of Technology Carla Wright
Controller Carla Wright
County Costs Carla Wright
Debt Service Carla Wright
Facilities and Support Services Carla Wright
General Administration Carla Wright
Office of Inspector General Carla Wright
Property Valuation Administrators Carla Wright
Revenue Carla Wright
Health and Family Services Cabinet  
Aging and Independent Living Stacy Roland​
Behavioral Health, Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities Teresa Sanders
Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs Stacy Roland​
Community Based Services Stacy Roland​
Family Resource Centers and Volunteer Services Stacy Roland​
General Administration and Program Support Teresa Sanders​
Income Support Stacy Roland​
Medicaid Teresa Sanders​
​Health Policy
Teresa Sanders​
Public Health Teresa Sanders​
Justice and Public Safety Cabinet  
Criminal Justice Training Melissa Highfield Smith
Corrections: Melissa Highfield Smith
 Corrections Management Melissa Highfield Smith
 Community Services and Local Facilities Melissa Highfield Smith
 Adult Correctional Institutions Melissa Highfield Smith
 Local Jail Support Melissa Highfield Smith
Justice Administration Melissa Highfield Smith
Juvenile Justice Melissa Highfield Smith
Public Advocacy Melissa Highfield Smith
State Police Melissa Highfield Smith
Personnel Cabinet  
General OperationsNancy Haggerty
Public Employees Deferred Compensation AuthorityNancy Haggerty​
Workers' Compensation Benefits and ReserveNancy Haggerty​
Fixed Allocation Non Hazardous Pension FundNancy Haggerty​​​
Postsecondary Education  
Council on Postsecondary Education Carla Wright
Eastern Kentucky University Carla Wright
Kentucky State University Carla Wright
Morehead State University Carla Wright
Murray State University Carla Wright
Northern Kentucky University Carla Wright
University of Kentucky Carla Wright
University of Louisville Carla Wright
Western Kentucky University Carla Wright
Kentucky Community and Technical College System Carla Wright
Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority Carla Wright
Public Protection Cabinet:
​Alcoholic Beverage Control
Nancy Haggerty​
Boxing and Wrestling Commission
Nancy Haggerty​​
Charitable Gaming​
Nancy Haggerty
Claims and Appeals Nancy Haggerty
Financial Institutions Nancy Haggerty
Horse Racing Commission Nancy Haggerty
Housing, Buildings and Construction Nancy Haggerty
Insurance Nancy Haggerty
Kentucky Claims Commission Nancy Haggerty
Professional Licensing Nancy Haggerty
Secretary Nancy Haggerty​
Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet:  
Artisans CenterGlenna Goins
Arts CouncilGlenna Goins​
Fish and Wildlife ResourcesGlenna Goins​​
Heritage CouncilGlenna Goins​​
Historical SocietyGlenna Goins​​​​
Horse Park CommissionGlenna Goins​​​​​
Kentucky Center for the ArtsGlenna Goins
ParksGlenna Goins​​​​​​
SecretaryGlenna Goins​​​​​​​​
State Fair BoardGlenna Goins​​​​​​​
Kentucky Department of TourismGlenna Goins​​​​​​​​​​
Transportation Cabinet:  
Aviation Kara Smothermon
Revenue Sharing Kara Smothermon
Debt Service Kara Smothermon
Public Transportation Kara Smothermon
Highways Kara Smothermon
Vehicle Regulation Kara Smothermon
General Administration and Support Kara Smothermon
Legislative Branch:  
General Assembly Glenna Goins
Legislative Research Commission Glenna Goins
Judicial Branch:  
Court Operations and Administration Melissa Highfield Smith
Local Facilities Fund Melissa Highfield Smith
Judicial Form Retirement System Melissa Highfield Smith
Accounting Staff:  
Staff Assistant Marty Miller

Technology Staff:  
KBUD Administrator Phillip Rosell
OSBD Webmaster
KLIR Administrator


Governor's Office for Policy and Management