Governor's Office for Economic Analysis

Office Description


Governor's Office for Economic Analysis. Established under KRS 11.068(2)(d)



Contact Information

702 Capitol Avenue
Room 284, Capitol Annex
Frankfort, KY 40601

Phone: (502) 564-7300



Functions of Governor's Office for Economic Analysis

  • Principal economic research, forecasting and revenue estimating agency for the Commonwealth
  • Primary role is to prepare General Fund and Road Fund estimates for the biennial budget
  • Provide support to the Consensus Forecasting Group
  • Responsible for monitoring and reporting on the status of the Commonwealth's revenue collections
  • Closely track the economy, both nationally and statewide, comparing growth in the economy to our revenue streams



Greg Harkenrider
Deputy  Executive Director for Financial Analysis
Daily Operations of the Office and Travel Martha Armstrong
Revenue Estimates for Road Fund Accounts, Property Taxes and Corporate Income Taxes Gene Zaparanick-Brown
Weekly Economic Briefs
Revenue Estimates for Individual Income, Coal Severance, Mineral, Natural Gas and Oil Production Taxes Thomas Jones
Kentucky Index Leading Economic Indicators
Kentucky Microsimulation Model
Forecasts for KEES, KTG and KAP

Revenue estimates for miscellaneous taxes