Budget Period 2006-2008

2006-2008 Budget of the Commonwealth

Budget in Brief (Full Version) (PDF Format -  32,541 KB)

Operating Budget - Volume I (Full Version) (PDF Format - 2,841 KB)

Capital Budget - Volume II (Full Version) (PDF Format - 1,405 KB)


2006-2008 Executive Budget Recommendation

Budget In Brief (Full Version) (PDF Format - 1,496 KB)

Operating Budget - Volume I - (Full Version) (PDF Format - 3,197 KB)

Capital Budget - Volume II (Full Version) (PDF Format - 1,299 KB)

Historical Document (PDF Format - 355 KB)



House AR Presentation on February 13, 2007 - presented by Governor Ernie Fletcher
Senate AR Presentation on February 7, 2006 - presented by State Budget Director Brad Cowgill

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Budget Period 2006-2008