Governor's Office for Policy and Research

Office Description


The Governor's Office for Policy Research (GOPR) performs research and analysis on public policy issues important to the Commonwealth.



Contact Information

702 Capitol Avenue
Room 284, Capitol Annex
Frankfort, KY 40601

Phone: (502) 564-7300



Functions of GOPR

  • Contribute to Consensus Forecasting Process
  • Oversee sale of NOx credits
  • Conduct fiscal impact analysis of legislative proposals
  • Certify all TIF and Tourism Development and proposals
  • Estimate General Fund proceeds from MSA
  • Coordinate and staff tobacco working group to track ongoing MSA issue and ensure compliance
  • Provide calculations for county distributions per HB611
  • Project Medicaid expenditures with PWS and in-house cash expenditure model
  • Provide inmate population projection for the Department of Corrections
  • Provide research papers in conjunction with Long Term Policy Research Commission (LTPRC)
  • Provide testimony at legislatives committees
  • Maintain and operate Dynamic Regional Economic Forecasting Model (REMI) for evaluation of tourism, economic development and legislative proposals



Michael Jones
Deputy  Executive Director for Policy and Research
Tax Policy Michael Jones
Sarah Aitken​
TIF and Tourism Development
Economic Development
Prison Inmate Population Forecasting
Regional Economic Forecasting Model (REMI)
County Distribution per HB611
Master Settlement Agreement
Energy Policy
NOx Credits
SEEK Forecasting
Manages the Tax Expenditure Report
Medicaid Expenditures Forecasting